Good Ideas and Execution


Building a Corporate Campaign—an Older Example that Shows an Essential Approach for Success

  • This is an example of highly successful project developing the look and print collateral for American Airlines' Home Computer Program—a program designed to get computers into employees’ homes. The goal was to enhance employee communications via the corporate intranet and eliminate costly traditional print vehicles. Special deals on computers, peripherals, and online services were made available to employees with American Airlines footing a high percentage of the cost.

  • I worked with American Airlines in developing and producing designs using supplied photos and copy. I wanted to make it attention-getting and fun. After all, if the materials ended up in the trash, the program would not have caught on as well as it did. The brochure explained the offer. The other inserts added the details and prices.

  • Out of 100,000 plus employees, over 60,000 took advantage of the offer. The program was a huge success in creating a new robust internal communications platform while saving consequential long term printing dollars. It was an offer hard to pass up.


Design is a Process

It requires focus, feeling, intention, time and engagement.

It is Collaborative

The dialogue between client and designer, and the combined decisions directly affect the outcome of any project and how it is perveived by the target audience.


While trends are important considerations in design, different demographic groups respond differently to trends and that should be reflected in any project.

Bottom Line

At Ron Williams Studio, your success is our success!