• Cadbury-Schwepps

Posters Promoting the Cadbury-Schwepps Annual Benefits Drive

  • Buck Consultants tasked me to come up with these poster designs and illustrations for Cadbury-Schwepps. The motif was "Travelling the Benefits Highway" with the tone of a fun vacatiion road trip to the beach. It seemed like a good choice to highlight a couple in a 1967 Corvette convertible on their way. What a great car! Imagine vacationing in that classic!

  • I had to come up with an illustrative approach that matched the Cadbury-Schwepps corporate style and leave open areas in the designs for them to drop in copy. With that in mine, I did spot illustrations by hand for each poster and placed them in unique backgrounds that I developed in Adobe Illustrator. After the copy was added, they posters looked great.

  • An interesting project, it was very successful in attracting attention and promoting the benefits drive.


Design is a Process

It requires focus, feeling, intention, time and engagement.

It is Collaborative

The dialogue between client and designer, and the combined decisions directly affect the outcome of any project and how it is perveived by the target audience.


While trends are important considerations in design, different demographic groups respond differently to trends and that should be reflected in any project.

Bottom Line

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