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  • Children's Medical Center Dallas
  • Children's Medical Center Dallas
  • Children's Medical Center Dallas

Children's Medical Center Dallas—from Brochures to Classroom Wall Displays

  • Among the different projects I designed and produced for Children's Medical Center Dallas are brochures (some bilingual) for pediatric residents and children's oncology camps. I produced nurse instructional wall displays for classrooms, a 56-page needs assessment book for South Dallas children, a newsletter and more. The newsletter was a start-up, bi-monthly, mdChildren's, targeted to staff physicians. It needed a conservative tone and was information heavy. After the basic format was approved, I designed and produced subsequent issues of the newsletter. In all projects, I was supplied photos and copy. I used Illustrator and Photoshop extensively to do spot illustrations, develop and enhance graphics, build photo montages, tables and graphs.


Design is a Process

It requires focus, feeling, intention, time and engagement.

It is Collaborative

The dialogue between client and designer, and the combined decisions directly affect the outcome of any project and how it is perveived by the target audience.


While trends are important considerations in design, different demographic groups respond differently to trends and that should be reflected in any project.

Bottom Line

At Ron Williams Studio, your success is our success!