Imaging spectrum



Supplying Businesses, Individuals and the Government

I designed and produced a number of materials for Imagining Spectrum over a period of months until they could hire an inhouse designer. I developed a series of direct mail postcards promoting sales and seminars. Knowing full well how promotional materials arriving in the mail seek out the trash can, I used colorful, catchy graphics to grab attention. Some I generated on my own like the visual play on George Washington's dollar bill portrait, while for others I developed graphics using supplied photos and my Photoshop generated backgrounds.

Among other things, I helped Imaging Solutions by redesigning a dated series of ads. They were business to business ads so the look was pretty direct except for one ad—the Sony Snap Lab ad—designed to reach a wider market. The Sony ad was heavy on Photoshop. Additionally I designed and produced a GSA pricelist in the form of a book, a product catalog and display items for a convention. In all cases I used supplied photos or as in the case of the pricelist, I grabbed my own and created the top banner for the pages.

All in all it, the materials updated Imaging Spoectrum's profile and were successful in achieving their goals.


Design is a Process

It requires focus, feeling, intention, time and engagement.

It is Collaborative

The dialogue between client and designer, and the combined decisions directly affect the outcome of any project and how it is perveived by the target audience.


While trends are important considerations in design, different demographic groups respond differently to trends and that should be reflected in any project.

Bottom Line

At Ron Williams Studio, your success is our success!