Bringing it mainstream


  • Richard Merbler - Certified Advanced Rolfer

A Website Redesign - click here

  • Richard Merbler's original website was a website badly in need of a facelift. It was my job to salvage what I could, bring it current and market Richard's services.

  • Not everyone knows what rolfing is. It is cutting edge therapy and goes well beyond massage therapy—requiring years of schooling to master. I wanted to make it approachable and more mainstream. Consequently I used quotes from Willie Nelson and Emmit Smith on their successful experiences with rolfing. Using a Flash animation as a vehicle, that became the main attraction for the opening page. My direction throughout the website emphasizd the improved life-quality benifits of rolfing and Richard's expertise and knowledge.

  • The website has been successful in drawing in clientele while educating prople on what rolfing is and how it is a great addition for healthy living.


Design is a Process

It requires focus, feeling, intention, time and engagement.

It is Collaborative

The dialogue between client and designer, and the combined decisions directly affect the outcome of any project and how it is perveived by the target audience.


While trends are important considerations in design, different demographic groups respond differently to trends and that should be reflected in any project.

Bottom Line

At Ron Williams Studio, your success is our success!