supporting our texas veterans


  • Children's Medical Center Dallas

Pro Bono Web Design for a Good Cause

  • As a veteran, I was thrilled to create a new, attractive splash page for Vet to Vet's website. They are an active group of veterans helping disabled veterans. Vet to Vet now provides 4,000 gifts to over 1,600 patients each Christmas as well as hosting events, bingo, games and barbecues throughout the year.

  • Vet to Vet hosts fundraisers that support Texas VA hospitals and plans to open chapters in all 162 VA hospitals across the country. Additionally the organization plans to build homes on land near VA hospitals that will accommodate veterans and their families free of charge during their rehabilitation.

  • My approach was to honor the veterans that served spanning the WW2 through today. They comprise the vast majority of veterans with the occasional and fastly disappearing pre-WW2 vet. I created a top banner with photos covering WW2, Korea, Vietnam and Iraq. The jQuery slider rotated images reflecting the groups effort. This page is no longer active.


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